Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 18: "Homebound"

Will we ever be the same? No, never...

States: Wisconsin - Illinois
Miles: 200
Weather: Cloudy, but we saw the sun!


Going Home Meal: 67

Total: 67

Signatures: Don't ask... 58/100

Matt wakes up... Mj wakes up... Phil wakes up. Matt goes to get book, Matt finds MJ wading in the river. A very relaxed noon. Bacon is cooked... 36 pieces to be exact. Phil works on car. Matt and MJ read in the hammocks. Phil wanders and wonders. Matt and MJ canoe with a large plack of wood and red spicket with a nail for oars. Current too hard come back to Phil lying in car. Get in car and look for the beach. Too much effort and return to the cabin. Matt and MJ play checkers and chess. Matt loses. We decide to leave.

We eat at Moretti's. An excellent going home eat. We go home... The adventure is over. And what an adventure it was!


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  1. I have sooooooo enjoyed following you three through your adventures. This trip will be a fantastic memory for the rest of your lives. How fortunate for you guys to have been such good friends all these years. Best of luck to all of you as you head off to college. MJ - You have a real talent for narrative writing. I expect to see a best-selling novel published by you in the future. Much love to all of you, Mom G.