Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 1: "The Gateway to the West"

So we are finally doing this: The Roadtrip

States: Illinois - Missouri
Miles: 594
Weather: Rainy, then cloudy... then beautiful!

America the Beautiful Pass: 80
Entrance Fees: 27

Total: 210.19

Signatures: +5

Finally!!! We are actually doing this! We've been planning for about two years now and it has finally come!
Here's the plan so far: Carve a loop through the west and see as much as possible before we get home. Start south, end north. Simple as that... well... kinda... we have a goal of spending under $100 a day. We failed today by doubling it already, but check this out. The America the Beautiful Pass gets us discounts and stuff at every national park we go to...and we are going to a lot. Another thing to think about are the days we won't be spending anything at all, which you will notice and understand in the future.
Well here's what happened today: We all woke up around three (well i did anyway) and intended to leave by of course we left at five. The car is packed (I couldn't bring my guitar :(, but I brought my ukulele) and we're antsy to get out of this place. We leave. ..........It's pouring out. This is coming into St. Louis. Our spirits aren't damaged but they aren't enthused either. ...(I've just been advised to keep things summarized and not juicy.)
We first arrive at St. Louis and go straight to the Anheuser Busch Brewery. Interesting how quickly temperature changes during the tour. Next is The Arch (It stopped raining when we got there). After that we searched for the Basilica of St. Louis but we couldn't find it. It's NOT from lack of ability...ask about it later. After that we're on the road again headed for Matt's aunt and uncle, Fern and Jim.
Jim went to bed right away but Fern stayed up and we had a terrific time. (Thanks for the dinner! We're still full typing this!) Hot Tub then Bed. Night... Zzzz


The 'signatures count' is a little journal we have for people we really got into talking with. As you can see, at least a hundred signatures is our goal before the end comes.

We're leaving a lot of the 'meat' out of the blog...we need stories to tell when we get back! Trust me, we already have tons to tell about even today that you don't know about.



  1. I'm so checking this out on a daily basis. This sounds like a kick ass trip! Keep us posted!

  2. This is how much I enjoyed the company of you 3 -- I actually got up at 5 am Tuesday to wake you up at 6 am to feed you a biiiig breakfast at 7 am!! Anyone who knows me will tell you that's soooo not in character. Have a great trip -- I'll be following your adventures on a daily basis. Love, Aunt Fern

  3. Forget the summarizing. I want the juicy details every day! Have a great trip! Love you all, Mom G.

  4. Is there anyway to see pics? If its really obvious sry everyone knows how completly computer illiterate I am. It only hit me yesterday how cool this is wut your doing! Its crazy your travelin the whole west!!! Wow!!! Have a great time and you have to remember every story!

  5. Sounds like fun so far, glad you guys are surviving the storms. See you soon!

  6. I love the pic of the 3 of you. And I'm so excited for you guys. I've watched you 3 grow and become the young men you are today. You've earned this trip. This is something you've been wanting to do, and it finally came true. You really have awesome moms for letting you go on this amazing adventure! LOL! My mom would never have let me go on a trip like this. And I love this blog! Now I feel connected, even if I don't get my mandatory 2 calls a day from you! And I agree with Mom G - spill the beans! We want stories now! Be good, mind your manners, but most of all, have the time of your life! You'll always remember this trip so have the best time of your life! Love you all!