Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 2: "The Never-Ending Road"

Dude...this is so bori.....WOW look at the mountains!

States: Missouri - Kansas - Colorado
Miles: 689.2
Weather: Beautiful all day!!!


Gas: 130.56
Camping Fee: 20
Stupid Tolls: 9.90
Wood: 4

Total: 164.46

Signatures: +3

Ok, so I have some details from last night to add. After we posted the blog, we stood outside on my aunt and uncle's deck watching an INTENSE lightning storm. It was amazing, and definitely a good way to end day 1!
Now, as for day two... It started well, with an excellent meal cooked by my uncle Jim, and we were once again very full afterward. We left an hour late again (go figure), but we gained an hour coming into Colorado, so all is well in the world of roadtripping.
The drive through Kansas was pretty uneventful, aside from passing through Kansas City, Topeka, and the Flint Hills (yeah, we've never heard of them either...) Here's a taste of Kansas for you... we stopped at a gas station that was obnoxiously desolate. There was no attendant, only four pumps, and no other buildings for miles except the boarded up restaurant across the street.
Colorado was gorgeous by the time we got close to the mountains in late-afternoon. After weaving through an insanely picturesque canyon (we'll upload pictures sometime soon), we arrived in Estes Park, which is just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park. Estes Park was an awesome town, but gas prices were unnecessarily high.
Finally, we arrived in the park!! We checked in with a ranger, made our way to our campsite, and pitched the tent. Now, after taking some more pictures of the surrounding area, I sit here typing to you all! Hope you enjoyed todays post!


P.S. It was my idea to keep things simple with the blog. Sorry. We promise to juice it up in the future, because today was pretty dry...

P.P.S. We have limited access to internet and phone service. We will put more pictures on when we get back to civilization and have access to Wi-fi that's fast enough to upload them.

P.P.P.S. We may not be able to blog to you tomorrow (because of limited technology access), so if we can't, we will do the blog on Thursday morning (Day 4).

Matt (again)


  1. Did the famous "Kansas camels" make an appearance on I-70?

  2. Hey, Matthew - Did you see any grain elevators? HAHAHAHAHAHA (inside joke) Tell Phil and Michael, they will get a laugh!