Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 6: "The Grand Canyon"

I'll give you a dollar if you attempt to fly... Alright make it two.

States: Arizona
Miles: 182.7
Weather: Bit cloudy but cleared up...and yes, some more wind


Gas: 39.52
Ice & Wood: 10.45
Meteor Crater Fee: 45 (Biggest Friggen Rip-Off Ever!)
Camp Fee: 12

Total: 106.97

Signatures: +9

Today we awoke after a very windy, creepy, and desolate night. We also found that we changed time zones so we got an extra hour of sleep (but somehow we lost it somewhere). Meteor Crater... hmmm... well lets just say it was the biggest rip off of our trip. 45 dollars is a crap ton of money to see a dome shaped hole in the ground. Don't go there unless you like wasting money! After that "horrific" experience we rolled on to the... GRAND CANYON!!! YES!!!
We said it wasn't worth the time and money to go to the North Rim so we veered off and went to the South Rim. We got the Grand Canyon around eleven, we walked around a bit, and then went back to camp to rest... at least MJ did. The second he hit the ground he was out. I didn't rest, i organised the cargo, and Matt did some stuff. After Mj woke up we explored the canyon some more. We wanted to hike around the canyon. Our first stop around the canyon MJ saw a hat down fromt he ledge and decided he wanted the hat. He climbed down the canyon a bit and got it. Some Japanese people thought it was so awesome (even that he did it in sandals) they kept saying "Anata Segoi" (we can't spell it), but it means "You are Great!" They were awesome...
So... we went looking for a trail after that. We found it and it was pretty sweet... and steep. People were kept commenting that our feet equipment (flippy-floppies) weren't suitable for the trail. After we went and got firewood and ice. Got lost within the journey, found our way, and started dinner (BBQ Pork). We cooked it perfectly over the fire! We had some leftovers so we went to other campsites and offered our left overs (we had too much).
During our attempts to rid our food, a friendly old-timer named Terry was kind enough to give us a zip-lock to keep our food for later eating purposes.
Well good-night to all and tune in tomorrow for excellent adventure!



  1. Can't wait to see all these pics you've taken! Grand canyon is beautiful. So now on to Las Vegas, for swimmimg and resting!? I'm sure if you guys give your Gramma the "sad puppydog look" you might get some food from her! Have fun! Love to all! Mom T.

  2. yummy bbq pork sounds amazing! mj that story about the japenese ppl is hilarious! did any of them sign your book thing?