Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 10: "Yosemite"

"Hey guys, trails closed, rock-slide" ... "Let's go!"

States: California
Miles: 135
Weather: Same ole' same ole'

Ice: 3.36

Total: 3.36 (WOO HOO!)

Signatures: +2

So we wake up in Yosemite (after the alarm went off four or five times). This place is touristy, very, very touristy. Coming through the mountains, it seemed deserted, but when we got to the Hodgdon Meadows campground, the place was packed. PACKED with cars and roaming night owls. The day was different in the sense that only everyone had scattered… what’s scary is that this did not make it seem and emptier.
It was a good day though. We got up and personal with Bridalveil Fall, and hiked back down through the stream instead of the path. We saw El Capitan, a massive landform you feel the need to salute to when seen. We attempted to find mirror lake, which was actually right in front of us for a little while (it was just so small) to see Half Dome. Yes, we saw Half Dome towering above us through the trees… It’s huge.
That’s all we really saw. We know it’s like nothing compared to what the rest of Yosemite has to offer, but we got a taste. A family vacation would be nice to come back here again. To be honest, I think we’re a little jaded. Enthusiasm for the sights has simmered, and we are trying to boost back our ardent spirits. What I think is best is to interact with other people. Our most fun and memorable moments of the trip are with people.
After our mini excursion through Yosemite Valley, we went back to camp. We slept, we read, we slept, we cooked ribeyes and potatoes (we’re getting skilled at cooking). We ate, we talked (deeply), we went to sleep. It was a short day in events, thus the short blog. People, we’re making it through.


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  1. There's just so much to see everywhere you go, it's hard to get it all in. But you guys seem to be doing a pretty good job. How many people can say they've seen what you 3 have seen? Not very many at all! Enjoy!