Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 15: "Turning Back"

“Did we seriously just waste 2 hours trying to find a giant wagon with a slide?....Yup”
States: Washington - Idaho - Montana
Miles: 703.4
Weather: Warm and Sunny

Gas: 89.53
Ice: 1.69
Parking: 0.40

Total: 91.62

Signatures: +0

I open my eyes in (what I thought was) the early morning sun. Ahh a good night sleep. I check my phone for the time. 10 o’clock. Well that’s okay, we didn’t set an alarm. We depart 30 minutes later and head back again to Seattle to see the University of Washington campus (Matt forgot last time) and then headed to I-90. How could we possibly get lost? While in Spokane we tried to find a giant red wagon, (you know like you had when you were a kid?) We finally found it, but before we could park we had to navigate all the one way streets. On our way from the car to the wagon, we walked through the downtown area of Spokane, which I must say did not appeal to me at all. Just before of arrival at the wagon a girl told us to “have a seat, and watch the fight.” There was a fight between two girls about to go down. After that, we drove a bunch, first Matt, then MJ, then finally late at night me. We talked and snacked, and listened to music while we traveled along. (Again we forgot about eating dinner!) We settled on Beavertail Creek State park. We drove under the starry & moonlit night to a empty camp site and slept under the twinkling stars….Goodnight to all and to all a goodnight of rest!


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