Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 4: "The Dunes"

"Where man himself is a visitor who does not remain"

States: Colorado
Miles: 476
Weather: Windy...really windy!


Gas: 46.14
Ice: 2.75

Total: 48.89

Signatures: +1

As of right now i sit in the tent writing this while Matt and Phil sleep. It's approximately 5:20 Pm. We are in the middle of the sand dunes and we have nothing to do. So here i write...
Here's a recap of last night after Phil was done blogging. We got back to the site and decided to cook up some Fettuccine Alfredo. It went alright despite stirring in the wrong things at the wrong time and Matt and Phil holding a tarp over me to protect the meal from drizzles as i cooked... Actually it wasn't alright, never cook this stuff in the wild (Dad i might have to get you a new pot... sorry). The night was alright.
Morning came and we packed. We left picked flowers and wrote a note apologizing for being obnoxious to the ladies next to us, because I'm sure we were annoying with our pointless arguing, frisbee throwing, and toilet humor (which wasn't quiet at all). So we left.
It was odd leaving the Rocky Mountain National Park. It almost felt like home... Maybe our spirits are just too natury for our own good. SO we hit the road and holy moley, the whole drive was beautiful except we almost ran out of gas again. We were scared and before the gas station i was already plotting how to ask for some gas from the locals. Luckily we made it.
So now we are here at the sand dunes. We packed little, basically what we could carry: 2 blankets, 2 liners, a small stove, propane, 6 hot dogs, water, tent, and the pencil and paper Im writing with. We left the laptop and phones, because there is no service.
People it's amazing here. We are all alone and it's just sand and wind... lots of sand and wind. Except we arrived kind of early and we nothing to do, which is why we are trying to sleep the time away. Oh, do you remember how i just said 6 hot dogs? Yes, they are stuffed with ice in a nalgene and that is all we are eating tonight... We forgot buns, condiments, and snacks. O well... we just go hungry for a night.
It's eerie out here, all alone with nothing to do. It's a good thing we three have each other. Hasta



Okay so we made a new plan after like an hour. We told the sand dunes it was fun but so long. We hiked back the three miles we already tred through. It was funny. You LOTR fans would think it was Aragorn (Matt), Legolas (MJ), and Gimli (Phil) runnin' through the dunes. The dunes was just a nap for us... we got much better things to do :)
So we made our way to Telluride right away. Our first night drive. Amazing! The sillhouettes of the mountains is something in itself that you must witness.
We camped in a place called The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. We kinda snuck in. O well... We needed sleep. So that's it. Sweet... Stay Tuned.


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  1. In case you haven't seen any baseball news: The first game of the Cubs/Sox series was rained out. Sox won the 2nd game (4-1), Cubs won the 3rd game (6-5). D. Lee 3-run homer:) Cubs are finally back to .500 (31-31) and both teams are 4 games out of 1st place in their divisions :( We had a big storm go through McHenry County this morning. A tornado touched down at Huntley, but then went back up into the clouds. The tornado sirens went off here in Crystal Lake while I'm at work and our Management Team figured out that we don't have any Emergency Procedures in place. Har! I'm really enjoying your blogs. Have fun (but keep an eye on the gas gauge!) Love, Mom G.