Sunday, June 21, 2009

Day 7: "Las Vegas"

Dude, Vegas would be screwed without Thomas Edison... just look at all the lights!

States: Arizona - Nevada
Miles: 354.5
Weather: Beautiful...A bit hot.

Gas: 78.85
Parking Fees: 7

Total: 85.85

Signatures: +3

Today we woke up late as usual and headed off. Our first stop was Hoover Dam. There's 2 things I want to complain about. Tourism: I see people come from all over the country and world at that just to see things like the Hoover Dam. I see bored looks most of the time and hear comments of discomfort. Now we must understand why people go to these places in the first place. One reason which i think may be the majority is to say they've been there. Okay cool. That's kind of why we came too. But wouldn't it be nice if they could just sink into the moment and enjoy it? Read the signs, look and think why things are the way they are, and at least try to be positive. Now people... the Hoover Dam was a spectacular sight. Just imagining sliding down the wall is scary enough while staring at it. The second complaint isn't really a complaint... it's more of a notion. All around the Dam you can see an find monuments and memorials for people who built the Dam. You can see the praise for the engineering, science, and planning that went into the Dam. BUT! You can also find many statues and plates with Zodiacal Symbols and Greek Mythology figures everywhere. Does anybody else find this to be an oxymoron? I found it interesting :)

We made it to Phil's Aunt Lisa's house, which is an absolutely gorgeous house btw, and we ate and went swimmin for a bit. This is like our haven of the roadtrip as of right now, because we (well me really) didn't have anymore clean clothes and we were able to use her laundry systems. We cleaned up a bit (our last shower was two days ago). I was also allowed to play some guitar (THANK GOD!). After we tailgated her to Phil's Grandmother and Grandfather's home. Very comfy place i might add, i felt very welcome there. We had an enormous dinner! Phil cooked us all some tasty Rib-Eyes and potatoes with onions off the grill. We had Pizza, greenbeans, and tortillas as well. It was so good after our slightly starved excursions from before. O here... the best part... Phil's Grandma gave us TONS of snacks for the roadtrip. Not just animal crackers anymore HAH!

Okay, here's where you may want to stop reading b/c you'll think I'm bashing Vegas... which i kind of am. It's also Sunday. Anyways. VEGAS!!! The city that never sleeps! Too true. We basically walked up and down the strip at night to see what it was like. Here is Vegas. Nicely dressed homeless people shaving on the planters, people humming rock n' roll tunes to a techno beat for karoake, children following their parents while walking over cards of porn (this stuff was being handed out), transvestites, different smells (bad and good) every five feet, people doing the slots with an extremely bored expression, and other things that i really can't mention. One man even asked us if we would like to go to a strip club. We kindly declined :). It just made me wonder how people get there minds to go directions they go. This wasn't a pretty painting of humanity.
Vegas has it's ups too though, don't get me wrong. I witnessed a very TALL woman standing next to Matt (Matt looked like the woman's child... NO JOKE!). The Treasure Island act we missed most of, but it looked pretty sweet from what we saw. The Bellagio water show was amazing! I think it awesome how water can shoot that high... almost as high as the hotel itself! (Good suggestion Ms. Eike :)) The architecture, neon lights, and landscaping was very interesting and eye attracting too. I give props to that! Though i seem overall negative about the experience... it was worth it. I learned alot, witnessed alot, and appreciate what experience i have been given. I don't know how people are so attracted to the place other than the slots, but hopefully i can see why and get more of a desire to go back some day.


P.S. Sorry if I offended anyone.



  1. Interesting observations re Vegas -- mirrors my own. I always find the Hoover Dam fascinating, loved the kitschy Liberace Museum, have golfed some great Vegas courses.....but The Strip pretty much leaves me cold....except for the cool lions in the MGM habitat, the dolphins at The Mirage, the Bellagio fountains.....ok, The Strip does have its redeeming features.

  2. my moms your biggest fan now cuz she hates that place too... and you mentioned her name so she feels special. she also thinks your a good writer. i told you so!!!! your a total book writer cuz you know how to describe situations and analyze ppl. you should write a book about your trip and wut it taught you and stuff. also, i think i'm gonna make it a game to try and figure out whose writing the entrys from the beginning. this one was really obvious. i knew like three lines in! yay! ok so anyway in the last post it mentioned that you (mj) fell asleep the second you laid down and for some reason that made me miss you so much!!!! gah its been too long!!! i hope these next three weeks keep me busy so i don't get hung up on how much i want to all to come home. glad your having fun!!!

    p.s. mj you told me to post (so there) : )