Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 3: "The Rockies"'s what we a way of know...just hike.

States: Colorado
Miles: 15
Weather: Yet again...Beautiful all day!!!


Camping Fee: 20
Phil Forgotten Food: 10.06

Total: 30.06

Signatures: +4

The stars last night were spectacular! Much, much more than the Grove and Cary. For dinner last night we ate hot dogs, cooked on a stick, Of course mine broke and promptly added to the fire. For dessert we ate awesome brownies with milk. Shortly after we hit the sack.
As suspected we didn't wake up on time, since my phone turned off. I stupidly forgot the cream cheese at home, along with the butter, so bagels and toast was out of the picture. We ate some cereal instead, which was yummy. We left camp around 10 and proceeded to hike it up. We probably hiked around 6 or so miles, but the sights were breathtaking. We even had a snowball fight! Once we made it to Emerald Lake we climbed some rocks to a secluded spot and ate lunch. On our descent MJ was able to seduce a chipmunk into coming within inches of him. There were a few awesome waterfalls, one of which MJ decided to stick his head into to get it wet, he failed and got pretty soaked. The hike back down took half the time, but the sights were again, awesome. When we got back to camp we went into town to purchase the Forgotten Foods by me. We saw some sweet Elk on the way back and stopped for a bit. And now I'm hungry.. So goodnight to all!! Come back tomorrow for sweet adventures!



  1. Did you see Big Foot? Oh wait.....wrong mountain bad. Hey, MJ, who's signing your book so far?

  2. Sounds like you guys are having fun, taking it day by day. Wish on a shooting star for me, chances are you'll get to see at least one during the trip. Pat

  3. Mj, remember my story about the squirrels in my back yard? Sounds awfully familiar... :]

  4. lots of pictures of a mooses butt. you would....