Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 12: "Crater Lake"

Hey why's that lady wearing mosquito netting? (Later) Why aren't we wearing mosquito netting!

States: California - Oregon
Miles: 323.7
Weather: Pretty, Slightly Humid

Gas: 93.78
Campsite: 22.89
Showers: 2
Phone Calls: 6
Food: 13.23
Gum & Ice: 3.68

Total: 141.58

Signatures: +9

We woke up on time today, but we didn’t leave on time, haha. We left the State Park and headed back to the Golden Gate Bridge to snap some more pictures. We got some pictures, but it was really foggy out. We headed out on the 101 North, and then Matt missed the exit, whoops. After a few hour highway ride we arrived at Crater Lake National Park Visitor Center. I realized why our mileage had been so bad, we had a gas leak! We drove to our campsite and I started to work on finding the problem while Matt & MJ showered. I got out my tools and started looking around, and taking some things off. I asked one of them to start the car and saw gas leaking from the top of the tank. To me it looked like it was coming from the Fuel Pump seal. I was on and off the Pay phone (no cell service) with my mom and our motor club. I found out that there are no shops open on Saturday or Sunday to help me diagnose the problem. I also found that it was illegal to work on the car in a national park. Great. Matt & MJ made dinner (potatoes & hot dogs) while I tried to figure things out. After we ate we were pretty tired so we left everything as-is and left it for the morning to clean-up. Off we go to bed! Peace.


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